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Chiefmaster Todd Miller

Chief Master Miller

My name is Todd Miller. I am a Hapkido martial arts instructor.

I started my martial arts training in Taekwondo in the late 80’s at Hwang’s Taekwondo and while training there met a hapkido master who began teaching me his hapkido. After several years I started training with GM Mike Wollmershauser and earned my 1st and 2nd Dan through him, then in 1997, I traveled to Daegu South Korea for the first time to train with many students of Founder Choi Yong Sul. During this period in my training, I learned Iaido/Kuhapdo which is traditional Swordsmanship and was the 1st American to receive Black Belt / Dan Ranking. This is when I met GM Lim Chae Kwan and GM Chae Hung Jun, both were students of Choi Yong Sul for many years. After this, I began making yearly trips to train in traditional hapkido with my current teacher GM Lim Chae Kwan, Headmaster of the Jin Mu Kwan. In 2008 GM Lim promoted me to 6th Dan and gave me the title of Chiefmaster.

Todd Miller Certificate Jin Mu Hapkido - 6th Dan
Todd Miller Certificate Jin Mu Hapkido - Chieft Master
Grandmaster Lim Chae-Kwan & Todd Miller
Grandmaster Lim Chae-Kwan & Todd Miller

6th Degree Black Belt

I started training Hapkido in the 80’s and haven’t looked back. I’ve trained under several grandmasters in my life. I travel to South Korea to maintain this training.

Grandmaster Lim Chae-Kwan

Grandmaster Lim Chae-Kwan (South Korea), founded Jin Mu Hapkido to preserve the traditional techniques he learned from his teachers including Hapkido Founder Choi Yong Sul.

Traditional Hapkido teaches you to overcome stronger opponents even when they resist.

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