Jin Mu Hapkido

Grandmaster Lim Hapkido Tips

This is what my teacher, Choi Young Sul always said to me.

  1. Hapkido is not a sport but a martial art.
  2. Make sure your basics are in order before adding the technology.
  3. First, Look at your opponent with your strong eyes.
  4. Second, apply force/energy to your fingers and wrists.
  5. Thirdly, add energy to the Danjeon.
  6. Be sure to keep this in mind before you start using the technology.
  7. Also, stand upright with your body posture. This will make you able to take action quickly.
  8. Your posture is very important. Your moving should be upright without long or deep stances. This is best for mobility!
  9. Keep your feet on the ground. Half Step forward and half step backward.
  10. Half step walking forward and backward. Understand this concept.
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