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Visiting Hapkido Grandmaster Lim Chae Kwan in South Korea

  • Posted by: Todd Miller

I Just Returned From Training Hapkido in South Korea

I arrived home safe with my wife from our trip to Daegu, Korea, The home of Hapkido. My traveling to Korea began 21 years ago. This was the best trip of the many trips I’ve made before as my wife Michelle and I also celebrated our 29th wedding anniversary while in Korea. The training was very
eye-opening, learning the high-level techniques of the Jin Mu Kwan handed down from Choi Young Sul founder of Hapkido. The principals of
wha- harmony, won -circle and Yu – flowing were displayed in many ways through technique and discussion of movement. GM Lim stressed the importance of proper stance and footwork as the base is integral in proper hapkido movement. One of the most important things was the Dan Jeon breathing and use of Dan Jeon in all of the hapkido training and technology.
Thank you to my teacher GM Lim Chae Kwan ( Kwan Jung Nim) and his lovely wife Lee, Sang Hee (Sa Mo Nim)for all their kindness.
Thank you for your interest in Jin Mu Hapkido. Please contact me for information on Jin Mu Hapkido.

Training Hapkido in South Korea


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One of the greatest experiences of my life is to sit around after a meal while hearing Grandmaster Lim tell stories about Choi Young-Sool.

The South Korea Experience

[talk about culture, food]

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