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Traditional Hapkido – Jin Mu Kwan

Hapkido is a distinctly Korean Martial Art Founded by Choi, Young Sul after spending 30 years in Japan, training under Takeda Sogaku the Headmaster of Daito Ryu Aiki-Ju Jitsu.

GM Lim, Chae Kwan trained directly with Founder Choi, Young Sul for 8 years and in 1983 was promoted to 4th Dan by Choi.  After Choi Young Sul passed away GM Lim sought out Founder Choi’s top students and learned more of the original Hapkido from these Grandmasters.   GM Lim’s goal was to become a skilled craftsman in this Martial Art he has spent his life learning and sharing.

The Jin Mu Kwan has the specialized training and techniques passed directly from Founder Choi to GM Lim.  This makes the Jin Mu Hapkido very unique with very interesting training methods and techniques.

Jin Mu Hapkido Techniques