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Traditional Hapkido Seminars

Chiefmaster Miller will work with you to tailor a seminar to fit your needs and the needs of those attending the seminar. Jin Mu Hapkido is the style taught by Founder Choi Young Sul. We use drills and warm-ups to start the learning process and then move to more intricate movements and techniques. One of the most important things about Jin Mu Hapkido is it will give you the tools you need to make all your techniques work more effectively against resisting opponents! Our seminars can help your students improve against stronger opponents by teaching authentic Hapkido techniques. We focus on balance disruption, counter techniques for when a technique is applied incorrectly, grabs, punches, and knife attacks. We apply the principles of Wha, Won, and Yu in our techniques. Your students can also learn special kicking motions that makes traditional hapkido kicks easier.

Women's Self Defense Seminar, Lee, New Hampshire
Jin Mu Hapkido Seminars

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Master Miller started training in Taekwondo 30 years ago but after his first experience with Hapkido, he fell in love with it.  This began his 29+ year journey of training.  His love of Hapkido moved him to travel to the birthplace of Korean Hapkido, Daegu, South Korea.  This is where he met his teacher, Grandmaster Lim Chae Kwan (9th Dan). Master Miller began traveling to Korea yearly to advance in his training in Hapkido, Taekwondo, and Iaido/Kuhapdo.

Taekwondo - 30 YEARS
Hapkido - 29 YEARS
Iaido/Kuhapdo - 24 YEARS
Bowie Knife Fighting - 10 YEARS

Jin Mu Kwan Hapkido Techniques

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Mark Rainey

After having been out of martial arts for a number of years, I was encouraged by Master Miller to start training again. It has been a great decision. Master Miller has been an extremely motivated and encouraging instructor. His knowledge of not just Hapkido, but various other disciplines, has given me the knowledge to develop my skills far beyond what I could have imagined. It has been and continues to be, exciting and challenging. I look forward each week to our training and how Master Miller will push me to my best.

Chris Goupil

The training at Jin Mu Hapkido came at a great time for me. The cost fit my budget, the class times fit my schedule, and the instructor is as passionate about the culture and the art as he is knowledgeable. In a martial art where a small rotation or a mistaken move can lead to injury, Instructor Miller is adept at teaching in a manner that strengthens your body and increases your ability to resist. After one class, I was amazed at how little “physical effort” there was, and how much is based on proper technique! Take a class, see for yourself!